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Researching Irish Family History

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009

How to Use Griffith’s Valuation in Your Irish Family Search

How to Use Griffith’s Valuation in Your Irish Family Search

Author: Stephanie Varney

Griffith’s Valuation is one of the most important record sources in any modern Irish family search. It’s helped thousands of people all over the world re-discover their Irish roots, and is often one of the first sources someone consults when doing Irish genealogical research. If you have yet to use this gold mine of information on Irish families, it’s recommended that you examine it right away, as it could contain much-needed information that you’ve been missing in your research.

Griffith’s Valuation was a survey of Ireland that was completed in 1868, making it a treasure trove of Irish family information from the 19th century. Richard John Griffith was appointed by the British government in 1825 to conduct a boundary survey of Ireland. As part of the extensive project, Griffith was supposed to mark the boundaries of every county, civil parish, and town in Ireland. This job was completed in 1844. At the same time, Griffith was also working on an Ordnance survey of Ireland, which was taken over by Sir John Ball Greene in 1868. Green oversaw annual revisions of the valuation.

The valuation that’s so important to an Irish family search today was comprised of two parts–a townland valuation and a tenement survey. The tenement survey is of most value to family historians. This valuation indexed and valued individual property for the first time, whereas only the larger estates of the gentry had been valued before. Griffith’s Valuation was essentially an every-man survey of Ireland, and records heads of households that otherwise might be lost to history today.

If you’re working on an Irish family search on ancestors who were in Ireland in the 19th century, you absolutely must examine Griffith’s Valuation. Fortunately, it isn’t difficult to access. It’s widely available on many online genealogy databases, including, so get out there and look up your ancestors in Griffith’s Valuation today!

At the forthcoming International Conference on Family History, there will be many Irish researchers in attendance as well as lectures on finding your Irish Roots.

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Ready to meet your Irish ancestors? Come to Irish Genealogical, the Internet’s top place for all things Irish genealogy! While you’re there, be sure to read our article on a little known source that can help you make big strides in your Irish genealogical research.

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Use Your Irish Last Name to Discover More About Your Origins

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

Sunday is Irish Day at the forthcoming Genealogical conference in Nottingham in 2009. Why not come and learn all about your Irish family history.

irish genealogyYour Irish last name can tell you far more than only that your ancestors were from Ireland. It can actually be the key you need to pinpoint the exact area in Ireland where your ancestors lived. Because many Irish families stayed in the same general location for generations, it’s not unusual for a certain surname to only be seen within a radius of a few square miles for hundreds of years. Even when surnames spread out somewhat in Irish genealogical research, they still often stay within one particular county. If you know the area in Ireland to which your surname was common, you can often break through some long-standing genealogical brick walls.

There are several databases online that provide geographical links to many an Irish last name. One of the best-organized of such databases is found at However, this website only catalogues the most common Irish surnames by location. More obscure or less common names may not be included. If this is the case for you, doing a Google search for your surname and including the phrase “Irish county” in your search terms should help you find the geographical information you’re looking for. There are also a wide variety of Irish genealogy message boards available to help you track down your surname’s county of origin.

One more important thing to remember about Irish surnames is that the name itself can give you important clues as to the history of the family. For example, surnames with O’ in front of them (such as O’Malley and O’Connor) mean “grandson of.” So, O’Malley would literally mean “grandson of Malley” and O’Connor would mean “grandson of Connor.” Surnames with “Mc” in front of them mean “son of.” Knowing this information, combined with being aware of the county of origin of your ancestors, can help you locate some of your most ancient ancestors and give you the clues you need to trace your Irish family into the present.

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Author: Stephanie Varney

About the Author:

Ready to meet your Irish ancestors? Come to Irish Genealogical, the Internet’s top place for all things Irish genealogy! While you’re there, be sure to read our article on a little known source that can help you make big strides in your Irish genealogical research.

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Ireland Genealogy: Finding the Irish inside You

Saturday, December 13th, 2008

The Irish are known to be hot blooded and pleasant people. They are also known to be hardworking people and have that distinct tight English accent. The Irish has a very rich culture and history where sometimes it was pleasant and some history have been quite bad for the Irish.

irish speakers at the family history conference

Today, the Irish population in America is considered to be the second largest in the United States. Making up 34 million in the year 2000 United States Census, the only larger self-reported ethnic group is German Americans.

Because of the Protestant persecution of Catholics, many Irish Catholics migrated to the United States. Even before the revolution, the American Irish populations were quite large in the United States. Most Irish served as domestic servants and most Irish American males worked in canal building and civil construction jobs in the Northeast of the United States.

In fact, there are so many Irish Americans in the United States that many people in New York who claimed to have Irish heritage have larger population than Dublin, the capital of Ireland. Most Irish Americans settled in the United States largest cities, namely, New York, Boston, as well as Chicago and San Francisco. You will also find small but tight Irish communities all over the United States. So, if you have Irish blood and is interested about your Irish heritage, you should try and hire a genealogist that specializes in family cultural history, specifically the Irish culture to help you on your quest to find who you really are.

picture of irish family history

Finding your genealogy is a fun activity for your family. Who knows, maybe you are related to some of the famous Irish American in the United States. With the large numbers of famous Irish Americans, there is a large chance that you may find your Irish culture. In some cases and if you are lucky enough, there may be a chance that you may find your distant relatives still living in Ireland today.

The Irish are proud people and Irish Americans today are taking part of politics in the United States. Most Irish Americans also serve in the military, police, and as firefighters. In fact, John F. Kennedy is one of the most famous Irish Americans.

So, if you have that Irish blood in you and you want to rediscover who you are and where you came from, you can consider getting your genealogy traced. Who knows? You may be related to some of the most prominent Irish Americans living today.

heraldry shields on irish genealogy

By finding out about your family’s past, you will be able to know how your family lived and struggled during the hard times in the United States. Knowing about your proud history means that you are proud of being Irish. So, if you want to know more about yourself and about your family, try finding that Irish in you through various Irish American genealogy website or through professional genealogists who specializes in Irish American culture.

heraldry in Ireland

  At the forthcoming 2009 International Family History Conference to be held in August tehre will be many experts in attendance who will be more than happy to help you with research into your Irish family history. You will find many fascinating and sometimes amazing facts about your Irish decent that you can be proud of.


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