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Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

Birth Records as Tools for Genealogical Research

Birth Records as Tools for Genealogical Research

birth recordsBirth records are public records and as such, are kept by the government offices in each state in the country. A birth record serves as a document or proof about a child’s birth and contains information such as the name, gender, height, and weight of a child. It also includes important information surrounding the child’s birth such as the date, time, and location of birth. For genealogy enthusiasts, precious information worth checking out includes the name of the father, the maiden name of the mother, and in some instances, information about the parent’s occupation. Names of the siblings, if any, are also usually listed in birth records.

Doctors, after verifying the information and signing it, sends these records to the proper government office. These records, aside from being a proof of a child’s birth, also serve as sources for historical and demographical statistical studies.

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online birth recordsMost birth records are handled by the registrar in the county where the birth took place. In the early days, these records were also copied and compiled in microfilms and microfiches to avoid the wear-and-tear of the original records. Thankfully, most birth records can now be accessed online for a faster and less tedious birth record search. The government has encouraged and made an effort in having electronic versions of these essential records to make it more easily accessible to more people.

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