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Deceased Online Sponsor Conference

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

As the first national online database dedicated to burial and cremation records, Deceased Online is delighted to be a sponsor and exhibitor at Open the Door and Here are the People. Following our launch at London Olympia s Who Do You Think You Are Live in February, we ve been on the road meeting family historians and genealogists around the country and we re delighted to have received such a big thumbs-up for the new website,

Deceased Online obtains burial and cremation data going back to the early 1800s from burial and cremation authorities, and we will shorty have records from over 10 councils around the UK. We will be building the database over the next few years, adding millions of records from hundreds of councils and other sources.

A whole range of records and images is available, including: Computerised burial and cremation records; transcripts of burial and cremation registers, containing a variety of information. All records kept since computerisation will be available in this form; some authorities have also transcribed some or all of their historical records.

High quality digital scans of burial and cremation registers; these vary by local authority and the type of information recorded in addition to statutory requirements. The most comprehensive hold great detail, including name, age, address and, sometimes, occupation of deceased; spouse s name; grave location reference and type (paupers, private etc); date of death; details of undertaker; details of clergy, religion and church or venue of bereavement service.

Scans are held on the website for most burials and cremations up to within three or four years of the present day. Jm barrie gravestone Details of all occupants of a grave; individual graves may have a number of interments (we ve seen as many as 15) and here you can see all the names of other people interred in the same grave as the sought-after person. This can be extremely useful in discovering relatives and other family links ..and often provides some real surprises!

Deceased Online is one of the few resources where you can get this information. Digital scans of books of remembrance; these crematorium memorial books contain decorative commemorative entries, sometimes with useful dates and informative emblems, such as regimental or professional insignia.

Deceased Online is aiming to be able to display digital scans held by the calligraphy companies who maintain these books. Photographs of grave headstones and memorials; these have started to be introduced to the website, and local authorities are keen to supply where they can. Older headstones can provide a range of information, even entire genealogies for several generations within a family.

Cemetery maps showing exact grave locations; these include a cemetery overview, an intermediate map indicating grave location and a detailed close-up indicating the exact location of the grave plot. This is extremely useful in locating a grave in larger cemeteries even if it has no headstone. The high quality images are presented using a flexible viewer, allowing maps, scans and photographs to be manipulated, printed and downloaded. Images and transcripts are accessed by spending credits bought on the website. The photographs cost £2 each and the cemetery maps cost between £5 and £10, depending on whether they are subject to Ordnance Survey royalties. All other data available costs £1.50 to access. Users search on names, dates and locations free of charge, and only purchase what they need. The revenue generated is shared with the contributor supplying the data.

burial register

You can find out more about burial and cremation records in conference F-09, Burial records for family historians presented by Alec Tritton on Friday 28 August just before lunch. We look forward to meeting you at the conference.

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