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How to Reduce your electricity bill.

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

How to Reduce your electricity bill. reduce your electricity bill Ok, so you want to save money on your electricity bills? Sure, no problem. Start with switching off the television from the standby and we are getting pretty much in to the right direction immediately. The, in rooms where you are not should be no lights nor heating been switched on. This also means when you shortly need to leave a room to go to another. Even if it is to answer a phone call or, to visit the bathroom. Switch off those lights… Even then? Well, answer me this: How many phone calls do you get yearly? And, how many times do you and your family members visit the toilet? (leaving the lights on in other rooms of the house) You see? This all adds up! But, there other, more effective ways. Ways to cut 80% off of your future energy bills for the rest of your life! How about solar power… Ever thought about that as a way to save money on your electricity bill? With the help of solar energy you could easily cut 80% off of your electricity bills. And, the good thing here is this: These solar panels can be made from home by nobody less than you. How about making your own windmill to make renewable energy? Wind power can be easily converted in electricity and therefore, homemade wind energy could be another solution for you. Once you have build either a solar power home system or a wind power energy system you will practically enjoy free power. Yes, free energy! With a homemade wind generator or personally build solar cells you do not only save the environment, save money on your future electricity bills but, you will immediately save thousands by building a solar power home system or windmill electricity system yourself. We have come across a guide or, online course so to speak with which you can learn step for step how to build these electricity generating systems. The guide shows you where to get the parts for them for the best possible prices and teaches you everything you need to know. Before you know it you can be making your own electricity with your home solar power system or, windmill electricity system. To read about a real life experience story we recommend you read this earth4energy review

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